QuizCraze Movies Is In The Apple App Store Top 30! Help Us Reach the Top 25!

After only 48 hours on the Apple App Store, QuizCraze Movies in the Top 30 of the App Store’s Trivia Games category! We’re so glad you LOVE QuizCraze Movies, and we’re just getting started. There’s more fun and addictive movie and trivia action on the way. But – we need your help! Tell us what you LOVE about QuizCraze Movies, tell your friends to download the game, and tell the world why you love QuizCraze Movies by rating the app on Apple’s App Store.

If for some reason, you feel you can’t give QuizCraze Movies a 5 star rating, or you’re experiencing technical difficulties trying to play the game, or you want us to include your favorite movie in a future release – please send us a message here on our website. We really appreciate your support and we’re working hard to make QuizCraze Movies even better.

Here’s a screenshot of QuizCraze Movies in Apple’s App Store Trivia Games Top 30 on Day 2 of release. With your help, we can change “29″ to “25″!













Here’s a link to a recent press release describing the recent success of QuizCraze Movies:



And just in case you’re discovering QuizCraze Movies for the first time, here’s a link to download this fun and addicting app on Apple’s App store: http://bit.ly/OHelKh


See you soon in the Top 25!

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