In QuizCraze App Logos, users quickly guess the name of fun, interesting, and popular App Icons  - and use hints, skips and their friends to conquer levels and climb the leaderboard.  Test your app skills and knowledge.


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The game has tons of levels, and hundreds of app icons to guess. Each level consists of 12 app icons, and a new level is unlocked after a player correctly guesses 8 of 12 app icons. Additional points and achievements are earned for correctly guessing all app icons in a level.

The game offers tons of Game Center achievements to unlock, and has a LEADERBOARD on which players compete for global ranking. Better be fast – the quicker you answer, the more points you will be awarded!

The game enables players to use hints and skips to help answer questions. Hints can be earned by answering questions correctly and skips are awarded for completing certain tasks.

Players also have the opportunity to ask their friends for help on Facebook and Twitter by uploading an app icon and asking friends to comment.

Test your app knowledge and play the game that everyone is raving about!

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